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Ivanka Trump’s white bouquet, meet our snowy white hydrangeas

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

ivankawhitebouquetivanka-trump-2-240Leave it to a Trump to go with classic white. I’m a big fan of white myself (no surprise there, right?), from white wedding cake to crisp white centerpieces with a pop of color or sparkle. So I was smitten to see Ivanka’s choice of white wedding flowers, including a lush, full white wedding bouquet.

Have you seen our a smaller version of these white flowers just in? A bundle of white faux hydrangea flowers, dusted in a soft “snow” with large, crystal-like flakes of glitter that catch the light. They really sparkle! Ideal for winter weddings, add them to centerpieces or hanging cones for aisle decor; pile them into flower girl baskets; clip onto garland or in pine tree branches, all lit up with strands of tiny lights. Adds a festive touch of snow regardless of the weather. If only Ivanka had seen these…


Light up the night: wedding centerpieces that last and last

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009


Imagine a wedding where nothing goes to waste at the end of the night. I have a dream! And the centerpieces start with our new reusable hurricane candle lanterns by Imageglow, in three bold designs.

These smart, lanterns are all one piece: a smooth, hurricane shade of wax surrounds the long-burning candle poured inside. The candle burns safely, deeply recessed for a warm glow. (Because there’ no exposed flame, they’ve passed fire code and safety regulations even at the strictest of wedding venues.) After the 30- to 40-hour burn time, just add a tealight to keep the fire burning back at home.

They’re made from pure, fragrance-free wax to avoid interfering with food, wine, or allergies. And at the end of the night, guests will clamor to take them home. Why not? They make ultra luxurious favors. Friends & family will think of you each time they add instant atmosphere with the sizzling flick of a match.

Bring that candy a little closer… a candy bar centerpiece!

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

The headline was a bit of a teaser, I admit. Admiring our Everything Hurricanes  the other day, I reazlied that while they are easy to use in creating DIY floral centerpieces, they’d look equally delicious filled with candy. Candy bar and centerpiece all in one? Pass the M&Ms! Next week, see our tasty results…

As seen in… Your Wedding Day magazine

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009


We were thrilled to open the pages of the new Fall/Winter 2009 Your Wedding Day magazine yesterday. (It’s going to take me DAYS to devour just the fashion spreads alone.)

Not only is it filled with decadent ideas for every style and color known to weddings, the editor herself hand-picked three of our items to feature in their “Things We Love” section. We’re delighted to be featured in their book among many other wedding pros and goodies that we know and admire.

To see what they picked, click here!

The new escort & place cards: a champagne welcome

Friday, September 18th, 2009


Give your guests a “champagne welcome”… and solve the dilemma of place cards and escort cards. Ring these cute little cards around champagne flutes, martini, or wine glasses and place on an entry table at your reception. (Glasses can be pre-filled with wine, or poured with bubby as guests arrive.) Guests find their glass then enjoy sipping as they find their seats. The cards and this new tradition are a warm way to make guests feel welcome, and convenient way to make sure everyone has a flute at their table for later toasting. Planning on a signature cocktail? Fill glasses with your signature cocktail, ring the cards around the stems, and place take-home cocktail recipe cards nearby. The cards, from Orange & Blossom, come in 6 designs and are available for both numbered and named tables.

How to choose your bridesmaids’ jewelry

Monday, September 14th, 2009


There’s a good reason so many brides give jewelry to their bridesmaids: who doesn’t love a beautiful necklace or pair of earrings they can wear for years? Here, some quick tips for finding the right pieces.

* Consider dress neckline and bridesmaids’ hairstyles. If you want to choose between either a necklace or earrings, envision the overall look: A strapless dress with hair worn down needs only a stunning necklace (‘maids can wear their own stud earrings); a higher neckline with hair swept up calls for dangling earrings with a bit of sparkle.

* Play with color: Their jewelry doesn’t have to “match” their dress as much as coordinate with it. Jewelry that uses pearls and gems to combine several hues of the same family lends a less matchy look and is more forgiving, meaning, you don’t need to find the EXACT shade, since the piece represents a wider range of colors in a scheme.

* Choose a metal. You may want to choose the same metal for your bridesmaids that you are planning to wear. But if you’re wearing gold and silver is a better complement to their dresses, go for it!

* Measure for necklaces. Most necklaces range in length from 14-22″ inches. A standard necklace is usally 16 or 18 inches long. Petite women or those who want a necklace to sit higher will likely need a 16-inch chain; 18 inches should work for most others. Ask bridesmaids to try on any necklace with their dress and use it to determine the ideal length of where their bridesmaids’ necklace should fall.

* Hang on tight. High quality jewelry will be made to last with outstanding materials and clasps. For earrings, opt for leverbacks to ensure they stay on through a busy wedding day and exciting night.

Shown here: Bridesmaids’ jewelry in 5 color palettes from Orange & Blossom, starting at $34.

DIY wedding flowers: it starts with the container

Friday, September 11th, 2009


Fresh flowers are absolutely gorgeous; that goes without saying. And a talented floral designer can certainly create fantasy-worthy works of art for your wedding day. BUT… for brides on a budget, just the thought of flowers can be painfully bittersweet. Wedding day truth: flowers are EXPENSIVE. Period. So, it comes down to matters of personal importance: Do you want guests to talk about the pricey arrangements for a few days after the reception, or do you want them to remember how happy you were, the big grin on your face from knowing when to spend and splurge? (Don’t feel bad if you fall into the first group! It’s YOUR day, after all.)

For smaller, more informal celebrations, doing it yourself remains a tempting option for many. Especially if you have help from a reliable and artistic friend or two. It will take some careful planning, research, and timing, true. You’ll want to choose hearty flowers, refrigerate or store them properly until the last minute, and have someone arranging them while you’re busy getting ready. Still think you’re up for it?

It starts with the container. Select vases that suit the formality of your space, the size of the tables, and that complement the types of flowers you like. Experiment in advance, creating groupings of different heights, mingling them with candles or other elements, and seeing just how far a “less is more” approach can take you. A simple container quickly transforms with the addition of just a few stunning blooms. The smallest container, like the glass votive candle holders here, can offer impact much larger than their diminuative size.

Start now, and consider taking a flower arranging class or workshop. You’ll pick up a valuable lifelong skill not to mention the opportunity to play with your ideas, develop confidence, and ask questions of a professional that can guide you before your wedding day!

Stay organized on vendor vists & cake tastings

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009
He likes raspberry filling, you like hazelnut? Record the details in style...
He likes raspberry filling, you like hazelnut? Record the details in style…

Have you seen this yet? The organized bride’s must have: a Vendor Visits Notepad Set. Less clunky than a huge binder and much more tidy than loose papers or various notebooks. Set includes a 25-page Cake Tasting notepad (with areas for bride’s and groom’s own tasting notes), 50-page Vendors notepad, and a recycled wood clipboard with matching notepad & pencil. It makes a unique shower gift, too.

Don’t toss that ring bearer pillow…

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

With all of the gorgeous, handcrafted ring bearer pillows that are being skillfully made now–all done up in lavish European lace, silk sashes, lifelike flowers, and Swarovski crystal and freshwater pearl centers–it’s surprising how little anyone talks about holding onto them after the big day. We love this idea: choose a ring bearer pillow to complement your boudoir bedroom, living room, or a favorite small chair.

Orange & Blossom features luxuriously handmade, heirloom-quality ring bearer pillows specifically designed to grace your home after the wedding. (Need something to match a certain room or decor scheme? Just ask us…) Simply attach your rings with the satin ribbons at the ceremony then snip them off after the wedding so it can double as a little throw pillow. Don’t forget to designate someone to give your ring bearer the pillow at the last minute and take it off his hands when he’s done, perhaps replacing it with a small gift he can enjoy that day. This ensures your pillow remains pristine and gets put in a safe place until you take it home where it will sit sweetly as a stylish reminder of one very blissful day.

Have you left a love note today?

Friday, August 21st, 2009



When was the last time you left a few words for your man to find?

I always enjoy coming up with new sentiments… and new places to hide them. (I’ll share my 10 favorite places next week…)

On days when I can’t come up with something cute or clever to say, I’m not above tracking down someone else’s words to help out. This morning I found a nice list of quotes care of Sugarboo Designs, whose frames and art incorporate them. Browse the list for your own love notes or quotes to incorporate into your ceremony, save the dates, or thank yous.

Of course, I also favor our “I love you because…” cards by JustJenn Designs. Just check the box, leave a lipstick, and seal the envelope. In love, it’s the thought that counts. That and the actions that follow it… 


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