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For pretty wedding cocktails: Hibiscus-infused fruit & floral tequila

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

I’m a big fan of port, indeed. But tequila, well, not so much. In fact, not at all. It was the packaging (okay, and the music on their ultra-pretty website), that roused me to write about blushing Rosangel, the tropical pink tequila with an Art Deco bottle. Mellowed for two months in port barrels (giving it that juicy, sunset-pink color) then “infused with the subtly sweet flavor of hand-picked Hibiscus flowers” it offers both fruit & floral notes with a hint of vanilla. It’s won awards from the San Francisco Spirits Competition and if it tastes anything close to as delicious as it looks, I best monitor my intake! I’ll keep you posted as soon as I try (likely this very evening…). This beautiful rose tequila would look even more old-fashioned served in our vintage cordial glasses for a 1930s’ look deserving of the drink. Check out their 8 signature tequila recipes and more glamour shots on the site, along with stores, bars, and restaurants that have it on the shelf. The sangria, cosmo, and pink lemonade cocktails would be fresh choices for bridal showers & summer weddings. Or, as a Rosangel article in The New York Times suggested, this brilliant concoction: muddle strawberries, add a shot of rosy Rosangel and a splash or two of sparkling wine. It feels like summer already!

Toasting glasses for 2, or favors for bachelorettes & bridal showers

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Tell me, do you love these as much as I do? As soon as I saw them, I had to share. From the wonderful site, French Garden House, on which I spied them: “Un Verre D’Amitie” translates to “A Glass of Friendship. Copied from etched brocante originals, the etching on these sweet glasses is surrounded by a gorgeous ornate “frame” … Folk lore has it that glasses like these were kept on the top shelf to be taken down and used only for friends who came to visit. Pass this lovely custom on, and offer a glass of refreshment with love to your friends in our Friendship Glasses.” $24/set of two.

Personally, I prefer to drink wine & cocktails out of simple, stemless glasses like these. It just feels more European & less fussy. Use them as a replacement for traditional toasting flutes, serve bellinis in them at your bridal shower, or champagne with a splash of Chambord and a few floating raspberries for your bachelorette spa day. Feeling spendy? Raise them at the end of the reception as a goodnight toast; everyone will take them home from your wedding as a meaningful favor to use for years of toasting to true love & friendship.

Pretty & organized, with a vintage feel (try one for your escort cards!)

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

How do these magazine & blog editors keep such beautiful offices with all that they do? Each time I see a behind-the-scenes peek at some brilliant woman’s office, whether from home or in a traditional office setting, it’s simply dripping with charm, style & the most adorable organizational systems on earth. Even when I was a magazine editor, my office never looked like that! Though I did have pink-and-slver Graham Brown wallpaper, sheer curtains, and a crystal chandelier in my last one, come to think of it…


These two pieces jumped off the pages of the new RSH catalog (formerly Room Service Home, a completely frustrating name change in my opinion). The first, a magnetic perpetual calendar ($79) with an antique cream finish and two big loops for hanging with the most loveliest of French ribbon you can track down.

The second, a fleur-de-lis-topped wire memo holder ($39) in an aged, gold-leaf finish. Not only will it tidy up your office to-do lists and favorite mementos, it would also do well as a reception display piece for photos & souvenirs of your love or for holding escort cards at a small, intimate wedding. Be lovely & enjoy every minute of it…

DIY wedding centerpiece idea: vintage-style glass carrier caddy

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Want to do your own wedding flowers but not exactly a master arranger? We’re always scouting new ideas and this one caught my eye the other day in Wisteria’s new catalog: a caddy of 6 glass cups in a vintage-style wire carrier. Could it be easier? They even travel well, given their low profile and balanced design; $24 each.

Other fresh ideas for a quick DIY centerpiece include Wiseria’s white-washed French Flourished Vase, a beatiful Frenchy ceramic glazed cachepot that would make an unfussy centerpiece filled with a topiary or blooming plant; $34 each. And our Orange & Blossom Pebble on the Beach Japanese Frog Vase, a chic, minimalist centerpiece with organic shape and modern style. Place just a few blooms in the vase’s traditional Japanese “frog” for easy and exact DIY centerpiece flower arranging, $28 each.

Cake with a taste from the tropics: Rum cakes from Grand Cayman

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Not everyone is into multi-tiered frosted confections. And I respect that. Not everyone has the budget for them either! And I more than respect that. Intimate weddings, rehearsal dinners, bridal showers & wedding weekend brunches…all are grand occasions to get acquainted with Tortuga Caribbean Rum Cakes straight from Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, B.W.I. These tropical wonders are baked fresh daily on the island, glazed by hand, then vacuum packed, ensuring a shelf life of 6 months, or indefinitely if refrigerated or frozen. Yes, fresh cake whenever you crave something sweet that tastes like vacation. The only preservative, and the secret to their scrumptiousness, is their blended 5-year-old, oak barrel-aged Tortuga Gold Rum. YUM.

Dress them up with fresh fruit, pureed fruit sauces or whipped cream for an easy, affordable traditional wedding cake alternative.  The family-owned company is big on flavor & variety: choose original golden rum cake with walnuts, chocolate, coconut, banana, pineapple, key lime, cinnamon raisin, or Blue Mountain coffee.

Every wedding cake calls for a taste test, of course, even these more non-traditional sorts. Order a party-style 33 oz. cake (serves 12-16) for just $32.50 including delivery, or a smaller 16 oz. version for $25. The current special allows you to choose two 16 oz. cakes (so you can sample two flavors) for just $37.50. I sent several as gifts over the holidays to rave reviews. I think our own address will be next!

Flavorful favors for the season, many organic & under $5

Monday, December 21st, 2009

A quick warning: Don’t visit www.foodzie.com on an empty stomach. It’s a very bad idea. This site is filled with so many tasty, hard-to-resist adventures! Browse through page upon page of small-batch, artisan, organic & homespun edibles from “small passionate food producers and growers.” I’ve put together some favorite picks for wedding favors here, but you’ll have a good time discovering your own. Many start at $4 each and support the local economy and the devoted people behind each delicious creation. (They also have hot cocoa madness, including towers of flavored marshmallows. Next week, come back for our best ideas for BIY (Bake It Yourself) edible favors for the season.


Top row, left to right: Lavender sea salt, $3.95; Two-piece truffle favor gift box made from local & organic ingredients in San Francisco, $5; French-style caramels flavored to reflect traditional Mexican hot chocolate, $6; Apple Pie MmmMarmalade from North Carolina, $5.50; Artisan Spiced Honey Creme from a multi-generational family business in Washington state, $5.50. Bottom row, left to right: Fig & Black Tea Preserves from Wisconsin (try it on a cracker or over vanilla ice cream…), $5.99; Zucchini Ginger Jam with fresh-grated Hawaiian ginger, $4; made-in-Ohio (my home state!) Chai Spiced Blonde Blondie, $4.75; ultra chocolately Chocolate Moose Cookies from Vermont; $3.99; Rich Mint Brunette Brownie with mint butter cream center; $4.75.

Your holiday (or wedding) cupcakes’ new home is red!

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Target_red_cupcake_standI glanced these cuties at Target the other day and had to share. Not only are they L-is-for-lovely for any holiday gathering (maybe you made the cupcakes from scratch, maybe you picked them up on the way…no one needs to know), I also pictured a dozen of these bright red Cupcake Trees scattered across a long table at a festive holiday wedding, hot cocoa station nearby.

You can pull them out again at Valentine’s Day, too. It’s  just around the corner whether we like it or not. I choose to like it, because everything is a choice and it would be a waste to dislike any day of the year no matter what the reason.

Celebrate every day! Cupcakes are a good start…
Cupcake stand, $14.99 at Target.

We can’t stop glowing! New wedding candlelight for cozy celebrations

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

Ever feel like your home is missing something? Light a few candles, dim the lights, and hey… that’s better! Weddings are the same way. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to light up your event, from ceremony til last dance. Our new Crystal Chandelier Ceneterpiece Candle Stands have antique-style and are priced well below a flower centerpiece, a steal at $24! Surround them with petals instead. They’re just one of our new additions, and we’ll be adding more all winter long. Here’s to warm memories… and ending the night with a gourmet hot cocoa & coffee station, complete with marshmallows and Godiva liquer. Now we’re toasty…!


Singing the wedding blues: another one for your big day playlist

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

I heard this on the local college radio station recently and was hooked as hooked gets. Turns out “Your Love Is Amazing” was originally done in the early 1960s by Robert Ward. This version is by young blues artist Sean Costello, a guy whose rifs have so much depth and soul it broke my heart to learn he died last year at 28. His music lives on for all to enjoy. And it is enjoyable, ’60s surf-guitar twangs and all. Take a listen…

Chocolate surprise…shocking wedding favor candy that really pops!

Friday, November 20th, 2009

firecracker_truffle_chuao_wedding_favorWhen hubby brought home a box of Chuao Chocolatier assorted truffles he’d received from work, I couldn’t believe he offered me the only one that was half-eaten. So unlike him! “I took a bite at work and brought the rest of it home. There’s only one and you have to try it,” he said putting it in my hand. After a good five minutes trying to guess the secret ingredient that could make this candy so unusual, I gave up and took a bite. “Unusual” doesn’t start to describe it. “Shocking” is getting closer…

This company’s line of Firecracker chocolates will send guests’ tastebuds from zero to 80mph instantly. A caramel fudge center infused with chipotle and a touch of salt is enrobed in dark chocolate and… a live-wire layer of popping candy! As they describe it: “Taste the chocolate, hear the popping, feel the heat from the chipotle and experience Chuao Chocolatier’s ultimate multisensorial creation.”  It felt like I had a mouthful of tiny, chocolate jumping beans. We should have videotaped it. It was that incredible.

Just make sure your photographer is set to capture the facial expressions each time a guest breaks into one. A nice favor tag on these might be: “Surprise! We love you.” Once they bite into the chocolate, they will understand the “surprise” part.

If you haven’t tried one, you must! Bring a box for the holidays. Your choice whether to warn everyone about what’s inside. While the truffles aren’t available individually, ChocoPod Firecrackers (the same confection minus the caramel truffle center) retail at 12 for $12. Well worth it! Here’s where to buy firecracker candy.

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