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Good-for-you-both stocking stuffer: romantic tea sampler

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

What’s organic & fair trade & good for you & a little romantic to boot?

This adorable, stackable tin of four tea varieties from Zhena’s Gypsy Tea. Having been lured in by the packaging for quite some time, I decided to finally place an order yesterday to start filling some stockings a litte bit early.

The site is filled with rave reviews from tea sippers everywhere who, from the sounds if it, cannot get through the day without one of these Gypsy Teas. I began to wonder what Zhena puts in them!

Actually, she tells you in this aromatherapy tea chart. Completely fascinating.

This Romance Tea Sampler contains four romantic flavors with four sachets each, all in a recycleable tin; $8.99.  These teas have properties known to calm, soothe, balance or awaken the senses. Mmmmmm!

As soon as it arrives (I have ordered some of their other tempting varities as well; in this season the Sense of Peace tea tugged at me from all sides), I will have the honor of writing a guest post tea review for my new friend Tairalyn over at Lah Tea Dah blog. She is a TRUE tea lover—just read her blog & you will see. She was sweet enough to include our vintage tea stands in a post about her love of vintage china & I was flattered all over the place reading it.

If you love tea & Alice in Wonderland, you MUST see her Un-Birthday party photos. (It is filled with beautiful wedding ideas if you look…)

As seen on Classic Bride blog: wedding bells are ringing… ours!

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010


Hop on over to Classic Bride blog today & tomorrow where the lovely Sarah Darcy (now living a dreamy life over in Europe) blogs about classic wedding details. Today, our own little vintage-style elopement back in August made it into her coveted posts. Yay! {We’ll be there tomorrow, too…}

Hey, did you notice those glittering vintage earrings in her post? I loved them so much as soon as I found them that I picked up a second pair I happened to find while online wedding shopping. These vintage Farrah Fawcett rhinestone earrings have incredible beauty that’s fitting of this memorable icon of film & genuine joie de vivre. Find them in our vintage bridal accessories shoppe. Very Old Hollywood for a vintage wedding, these dazzling danglers drop a full 3 1/4 inches with starlet-style crystal glitz. I didn’t even wear a necklace with mine… they command attention on their own. $125 from orangeandblossom.

Can’t wait to see what Sarah puts together for tomorrow’s post… !

Personalized vintage flatware for weddings & wedding gifts

Friday, October 29th, 2010

A while back, I promised to show you pictures of the monogrammed initial vintage flatware I ordered from NapaStyle. What better way to showcase these amazing pieces of history than on a few pieces of vintage European china dishes that will soon be part of our High Tea for Alice tiered tea, cake and cupcake stands!


New stands will very soon be filling up our new High Tea for Alice etsy shoppe. We also accept orders for custom colors to complement wedding themes & home decor schemes on a limited basis. Contact us for details.

Three new vintage bridal shrugs, toasty for winter weddings

Thursday, October 21st, 2010


We sold out of our pretty vintage bridal wraps, jackets & shrugs last year and we’ve been receiving many requests to restock them. To be honest with you, they’re not easy to find! We look for vintage wedding coats, jackets & shrugs in ivory, cream and white/off white that have glamorous cuts (generally from the 1950s & 1960s high-style eras), with fabulous Jackie-O.-worthy details that are in lovely condition to slip into & go. Our first three new vintage bridal shrugs landed in the shoppe today! If you are looking for something that you don’t see here, do drop us a line. As always, all of our vintage wedding items include free shipping right to your home. Stay cozy!

As seen in: Bridal Bubbly blog does Audrey Hepburn style

Friday, October 1st, 2010

What a treat for fans of the doe-eyed Holly Golightly! We were thrilled to see our vintage items showcased in this inspiration board on the Bridal Bubbly blog. It’s not easy to track down just the right vintage wedding items for your celebration, but we’re always on the hunt. Let us know what you’re after! If you need more inspiration, see Bridal Bubbly’s takes on Twiggy and Jackie Kennedy. Next… see my own vintage 1950s and Jackie O.-inspired bridal ensemble on Classic Bride blog. Then, get set to be your own style icon…

Something new & Euro, something old & vintage for bridal shoes

Friday, September 17th, 2010


I tend to get a little gushy at the sight of an amazing pair of bridal-parfait shoes. Recently, I’ve spied two…

On the left, a darling pair of bride’s pumps straight from the U.K. They’re about as funky as you can go & still be a bridal shoe. I spotted them in a gorgeous, vintage-inspired real wedding in Austin, TX, on Classic Bride Blog. Made by Irregular Choice, the patterned suede upper blooms into a large floral display. The U.K.-based site has many wild choices for bridesmaids’ shoes as well (like these red & white heels with bows & hearts)!

The beauties on the right are vintage 1950s wedding stillettos. White leather pointed toe bridal kicks with, brace yourself, a lucite & velvet bow. (I LOVE bows.) Authentic & of-the-era, originally from Rich’s Designer Salon. Perfect for a vintage wedding. As long as you’re about a size 8; $68 from NickandNessies.

Two looks, too cute! One for the ceremony, one for the reception, maybe?

Vintage party dresses for your vintage-modern bridesmaids

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

When my mom got married, the “rainbow wedding” was so in vogue. Asking your best ladies to don different colored pastel dresses was all the rage. Somehow, the different-but-similar look can still be pulled off quite well if you have a good eye & know where to find just the right kind of frilly, flouncy 1950s party dress.

A glance at these and my, oh my, bridesmaids or otherwise, who wouldn’t love to jump into one of these & head off somewhere exciting in a pink Cadillac convertible? They’re  from the etsy shop of The Ritzy Rose, a design-minded gal from NY who moved to Ohio (whereas, I grew up in Ohio then moved to NY) & now pursues many passions incluing her online store. She’s just getting started on etsy; I can’t wait to see where she goes. Three of my favorites are below: a First Dance penant flag for the flower girl to carry; a vintage brooch bridal bouquet; and a vintage pink silk chiffon 1950s party dress. (Too big for me or it would already be sold…)

As seen on: etsy’s front page!

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

Recognize that vintage tea stand with the pink butterfly on top? How thrilled was I to see it featured on etsy’s front page last Friday morning? We’ll be adding more to the shoppe very soon, just in time for the holidays…

Vintage-inspired wedding lighting: mason jars glow above

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Salvaged mason jars have been hugely popular for rustic weddings for a while now. They do have an obvious yet practical charm.

We usually see them spilling over with blooming wildflowers or gleaming en masse filled with crushed ice & watermelon lemonade.

This time, they’re twinkling a soft yellow-orange above, set against a turning sky like fireflies at dusk.

Not to fuel a trend, but lovely is lovely.

And these we couldn’t resist.

Straight from the wholesome midwest & ready to hang; $38 for six upcycled glass jar lanterns, string of lights & hooks by treasureagain on etsy.

Send a vintage love note in the mail, to anyone you love

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Yesterday I picked up an adorable vintage card from a little etsy shop called Vintage Arts Supplies. Now you can visit it, too…

I know my Sweetie would love to find one mailed to his office or left by his razor. But ephemera like these others from Marsh’s shop also make treasured save the dates, thank yous, or ”Will you be my bridesmaid?” notes.

These reclaimed blasts-from-the-past are eco-friendly, too. Add ribbons, buttons, glitter & your own sweet sentiments.

They’re just a few dollars each, no more than a store-bought card. And someone has carefully stored them all these years just for you. The feel, the scent, the old-fashioned artwork… there’s nothing like sending (or receiving!) a little vintage card.

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