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Vintage-inspired wedding lighting: mason jars glow above

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Salvaged mason jars have been hugely popular for rustic weddings for a while now. They do have an obvious yet practical charm.

We usually see them spilling over with blooming wildflowers or gleaming en masse filled with crushed ice & watermelon lemonade.

This time, they’re twinkling a soft yellow-orange above, set against a turning sky like fireflies at dusk.

Not to fuel a trend, but lovely is lovely.

And these we couldn’t resist.

Straight from the wholesome midwest & ready to hang; $38 for six upcycled glass jar lanterns, string of lights & hooks by treasureagain on etsy.

Send a vintage love note in the mail, to anyone you love

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Yesterday I picked up an adorable vintage card from a little etsy shop called Vintage Arts Supplies. Now you can visit it, too…

I know my Sweetie would love to find one mailed to his office or left by his razor. But ephemera like these others from Marsh’s shop also make treasured save the dates, thank yous, or ”Will you be my bridesmaid?” notes.

These reclaimed blasts-from-the-past are eco-friendly, too. Add ribbons, buttons, glitter & your own sweet sentiments.

They’re just a few dollars each, no more than a store-bought card. And someone has carefully stored them all these years just for you. The feel, the scent, the old-fashioned artwork… there’s nothing like sending (or receiving!) a little vintage card.

A recycled clutch for the seriously eco-chic bride

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

At first glance, guests would never guess this shining handbag was pieced together from hand-crocheted swirls of aluminum pull tabs surrounding discs made from post-consumer recycled bottoms of cans.

But indeed, this visionary, earth-friendly purse would make a stunning sidekick for any bride who even takes her wedding fashion to the eco-smart extreme. It’s metallic, modern, edgy, and a definite conversation piece for occasions well beyond the wedding day.

Zipper closure with one interior zipper pocket. Handmade by fair-trade co-ops, $145 from the MoMA Store.

Our first eco-lovely flower girl petal cone: gray & yellow

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Light & easy to carry, our paper cones make affordable & stylish alternatives to a traditional basket. In addition to being much less clunky, these handmade petal cones can be made custom to match any wedding scheme. Many brides order extras: larger ones to hold wedding programs or decorate the wedding aisle chairs or pews by filling them with simple DIY flower arrangements petals; smaller ones to fill with tossing petals for guests.

Our first eco-lovely wedding cone ever is in a modern, eco-friendly gray & yellow floral paper. (Here’s the secret: it’s actually wallpaper!) It is printed on paper from managed timber sources (for every tree chopped down, three are planted), has purely water-based inks & does not contain VOCs or solvents. This fresh floral with a vintage twist was inspired by the English cottage garden in spring, wild with untamed beauty. A soft ivory background with pale yellow flowers pairs wells with a gray-silver satin ribbon & long, luxe bows. We’ve lined the inside with yellow paper to make it sturdier, but if you’d like just the floral paper (to save paper) we can do that, too.

Perfectly sized for little girls, our custom wedding cones for flower girls measures about 10 inches long plus handle. Fill with petals, feathers, or confetti. Very unexpected & always tailored to your wedding colors or theme. See our wedding decor & flower girls cones… then, tell us all about your wedding so we can create something beautiful.

Too darn cute: personalized wedding posters on etsy now

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Not that you wouldn’t want to plaster every wall of your home with photos from the wedding. They’re sure to be gorgeous & you’ll certainly have paid enough for each charming image. But, if a wall calls to you for something a little different to remember the day by, maybe a custom wedding poster is just the thing?

This one is from ellothereon etsy (a.k.a. the husband & wife team of Seth & Maddy). They create invitations, save the dates, & other wedding yummies like this vintage-style beach wedding poster, all on a wind-powered press. Customize the cute characters by requesting a match to your hair color, outfits, & wedding colors. If you plan in advance, you can frame & display your 11×17 print ($75 for the digital version) at the reception, too. This design is also available on wedding invitations. I’ve seen some other wedding posters to share with you too, but I wanted to started with one that is by a couple for couples. The love shows.

Have you made your wedding website? It’s free & green…

Monday, January 18th, 2010

If you haven’t yet created a free wedding website, allow us to suggest our favorites from Wedding Wire. They’ve called on some really talented designers (Hello! Lucky; Wedding Paper Divas, The Green Kangaroo) to produce some very sweet templates. If you like the looks of them, check out the designer’s coordinating invitations & other paper goodies. 

For websites, I like all three of Hello! Lucky’s wedding website templates (Honeysuckle is shown here); for invites I’m really drawn to their French Deco collection.  For something fun & casual, I like the Branch of Flowers templates and invitations in Begonia from Wedding Paper Divas. Their Vines website template in Cabernet is pretty luscious, too. And you?

It can be time consuming to put together a personal wedding website, but it’s fairly easy. Include only as much information as you desire. A simple site could be created  in just an hour or two. Wedding websites avoid answering the same questions over and over, provide detailed directions & travel tips, more about your relationship & plans for the wedding & your future, and even where you are registered, as that should never go in the invitation. Wedding websites are also ultra-green, a smart alternative to including paper maps and RSVP cards with your invites. Wedding Wire’s templates are set up to accept online RSVPs, link to your registries, be customized with your music, photos, and more. Even if you create just a few pages, your guests will know where to go for all the information (and cute photos of you & your sweetie) that they need.

Eco-Chic Weddings 101 Ways, care of Style Unveiled

Wednesday, January 13th, 2010

We recently came across this fabulous list on Style Unveiled and had to share: 101 Ways to Make A Wedding Eco-Chic. I doubt there’s been a wedding that incorporates all 1o1 ways, as it would likely be next to impossible. Though I’d love to see it! But if green is on your mind as you plan this grand coming together of family and friends, these tips provide a wonderful start.

In addition to smart ideas like No. 94: Have your bridesmaids wear black dresses that they already own for the ceremony, No. 31: Donate the flowers from your wedding to a hospital, and No. 67: Use a non-profit space to host your ceremony and reception, we really like No. 48: Live green after the wedding. Of course!

You’ve probably seen our Eco-Lovely wedding ideas section. And we will be adding to it more throughout the year; let us know if you have suggestions. We also offer free shipping every day on all of our vintage wedding items as a green way to encourage couples to borrow a piece from the past & incorporate its meaning into their day. (They even suggest, with No. 42: Purchase your dress or tuxedo from a vintage boutique and No. 73: Use your Grandma’s vintage veil. It can be your “something borrowed.”)

While you’re on the Style Unveiled site, check out their locale-specific discounts, advice, articles, real weddings, exciting events, and tips for wedding celebrations in Los Angeles, Chicago, Portland and San Francisco. Each has their own equally fascinating, idea-filled blog, too. More green than a glossy magazine? Indeed. And much more interactive.

* Artwork courtesy StyleUnveiled.com.

DIY wedding wine bar: a mini barrel of fun

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

red truck mini barrel winered truck mini barrel winered truck mini barrel winered truck mini barrel wine

You may have seen these making the rounds on the Web and had the same idea I did: wedding wine bar! These eco-friendly mini wine barrels by Red Truck Wines in Sonoma, CA, are naturally stylish, ideal for down-home affairs. Line them up on a table or bar, and guests can serve themselves a glass of medium-bodied red wine made from a blend of Syrah, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Franc, Malbec & Mourvedre grapes. (Only one varietal is available at the moment.) Leave some markers nearby for creative folks to add special messages or artwork on the wood exterior.

Each barrel holds the equivalent of four bottles of wine, about 20 glasses. What’s more, the vino inside stays fresh for up to 6 weeks after opening, giving you plenty of time to return from the honeymoon and still enjoy a glass of your “wedding wine” each evening with dinner from any barrels that didn’t get tapped out at the reception. Great parting gifts for favorite guests, too. Each comes with instructions for recycling once dry.

New vintage items: 1950s Japanese bamboo parasols, cute shapes!

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

hexagon_vintage_parasol   vintage_flowers_parasol 

We chose these two handpainted vintage wedding parasols for their unique shapes, original yellow cloth toppers, and excellent condition. Both are fully functional, with mechanisms that stay up and close fully. One, an unlaquered hexagonal parasol with blossoms, butterflies, and a neat blue handle. The other, a feminine, flower-shaped parasol covered in cherry blossoms and coated in shine. Lovely, light to carry, and a stunning accessory in photographs. More vintage items next Thursday!

Light up the night: wedding centerpieces that last and last

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009


Imagine a wedding where nothing goes to waste at the end of the night. I have a dream! And the centerpieces start with our new reusable hurricane candle lanterns by Imageglow, in three bold designs.

These smart, lanterns are all one piece: a smooth, hurricane shade of wax surrounds the long-burning candle poured inside. The candle burns safely, deeply recessed for a warm glow. (Because there’ no exposed flame, they’ve passed fire code and safety regulations even at the strictest of wedding venues.) After the 30- to 40-hour burn time, just add a tealight to keep the fire burning back at home.

They’re made from pure, fragrance-free wax to avoid interfering with food, wine, or allergies. And at the end of the night, guests will clamor to take them home. Why not? They make ultra luxurious favors. Friends & family will think of you each time they add instant atmosphere with the sizzling flick of a match.

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